Senator The Hon. Anne Ruston, Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources

Senator Ruston is also the dedicated Minister for Horticulture, a position to which she brings a depth of knowledge and understanding that is so well suited to this complex area of responsibility across a diverse range of crops and technologies across all states and territories

Mr Wim van Esch, Achmea Australia

Fresh produce product recall in the glasshouse industry

With consumers becoming ever more interested in, and aware of, where their food comes from and how it is produced, the scrutiny on producers of fresh produce continues to increase.

When something goes wrong with your product, the impact on your business can be far-reaching. 

Learn from Wim van Esch, international insurance expert, on practical measures you can take to identify, mitigate and manage your risks throu

Dr Mike Nichols, NZ

Medical marijuana (MMJ) and Fruit growing in the future

An introduction to the various types of cannabis and examining some of their different medical properties. 

Learn how best to grow it for medical purposes and consider possible methods by which the cannabinoids are ingested.

Jeffery Pouw, Hermandix NL

Properties of different grades of whitewash

Shading agents and coatings contribute to an optimal greenhouse climate.

Marcel Bugter, AkzoNobel Micronutrients NL

How chelates can further boost your yield

Most professional growers know that chelated iron (Fe-DTPA) is used in hydroponic nutrient solutions to protect the Fe from precipitation. Discussion will take place on whether Mn, Zn and Cu should also be chelated, following an extensive, scientific rockwool greenhouse tomato study in Belgium 2016.

Katharina Adamitza

Katharina Admaitza is a plant physiologist who has specialised in LED light and photosynthesis in horticultural crops in Europe. 

She has conducted research in various leading European academic institutions including into photosynthesis at Max-Planck-Institute for molecular Plant Physiology, Potsdam in Germany before joining Finish commercial LED grow lights producer Valoya in 2015. 

Katharina will be visiting Australia as a keynote presenter on the topic "LED's and Light Quality effect on plant growth" to the forthcoming PCA Apex Brinkman Conference 2017 in Adelaide. 

Before and after the conference, Katharina will be visiting leading horticultural research institutions and selected Australian commercial installations on the eastern seaboard.

Wilson Lennard

Aquaponics: Combining hydroponics with aquaculture

Learn a method to produce hydroponic nutrient mixture and strenght analogues in an aquaponic environment.

Sohum Gandhi, Enriva

Gas, Biomass, CO2 : An Informed Choice

Heating can be one of the largest expenditures for a protected cropping business. Fuel and equipment selection has a lifelong impact on production, CO2 availability, running costs and thereby the profitability and sustainability of any operation. An informed analysis before you dive in can improve the outlook of your business for years to come.

Ian Gesch

Emerging opportunities and challenges for CO2 enrichment 

Australia’s changing energy and environment landscape  and our continued reliance on fossil fuels present both challenges and opportunities for horticulturists that use CO2 enrichment practices.

This changing landscape will be discussed and information provided to help growers meet challenges and embrace opportunities.

Wade Mann, Nuttfield Scholar 2015

IPM for greenhouse berry crops

With soaring demand for berry fruit, Wade Mann explored and assessed IPM strategies globally to identify emerging and innovative technologies available for commercial application in the greenhouse hydroponic berry industry in Australia.

David Cavallaro, Stoller Australia

How nutrients influence the growth of a plant

Dr Sophie Parks, NSW DPI

Thinning flowers to influence berry size and flavour, and Consumer preferences for blueberries

Berry size can be increased and flavour can be enhanced by the removal (physical or chemical) of some flowers and fruits in blueberries. This topic will be discussed, based on research conducted by NSW DPI.

Dion Potter, Syngenta

Understanding disease resistance and crop protection, making them work for you.

Rick Donnan, Growool

Fundamentals of hydroponic management, and Start up solutions lead to easier nutrient management.

Nicky Mann, Nuffield Scholar 2014

Intensive berry production using greenhouses, hydroponics & substrates. Along with surviving and thriving in the Australian Flower industry.

Jonathan Lidbetter, NSW DPI

Cucumbers: Grafting and silicon, what you don’t know CAN  hurt you.

Mark Massey

Converting a flower farm from soil to hydroponics

Graeme Smith, Graeme Smith Consulting

Vertical farming and Plant Factories and Artificial Lighting (PFAL) reports from recent conferences

Developments and emerging technologies driving innovation in global urban farming that will revolutionise local fresh food supplies.

Fundamental principles of effective greenhouse management.

For newer greenhouse growers, some key management insights into successful greenhouse and hydroponic farming from a former grower and current industry advisor.

Marcus Van Heijst, Priva Deleafing Robot

The tomato industry is a very labour intensive industry, and Australia is certainly no exception. In fact the tomato industry in Australia faces one of the highest comparable labour costs in the world.

Priva has a solution to ease the burden of one of the most menial tasks a grower faces – deleafing of tomato plants. Priva are developing the Kompano fully autonomous picking robot.

Marcus will present the research that has led to the development of this robot.