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The 2006 AIRAANZ conference, to be held in Adelaide, has as its theme ‘21st Century Work: High Road or Low Road?’.

The theme may seem to suggest a clear choice. On the one hand, highly skilled and highly paid jobs that are safe, secure and satisfying in highly profitable industries; on the other hand, low-skill, low-pay jobs that are unsafe, insecure and unsatisfying in marginally profitable industries. In fact, we believe, the reality of 21st Century work is a complex mix of these positive and negative characteristics. There is variety amongst countries, within countries, and even within single industries or firms. The conference organisers invite you to explore the complexities of 21st Century work to consider what sorts of industrial relations are desirable, likely, or necessary as we move on in the new century.

In addressing these issues, the organisers are keen to foster an inclusive and expansive approach to the submission of papers. To this end we particularly encourage papers:

  • from Postgraduate Research Students as well as from established researchers;
  • of an interdisciplinary nature and from scholars in other disciplines who are interested in the world of work;
  • with an international focus, particularly with reference to Asia.

Special interest groups within AIRAANZ are invited to organise complementary events on 1 February.

We look forward to receiving papers dealing with all aspects of work and industrial relations. We are sure that Adelaide and its three universities will provide a vibrant and stimulating environment for the 2006 conference.

Conference Convenors:

Barbara Pocock
University of Adelaide
Eileen Willis
Flinders University
Chris Provis
University of South Australia

Conference Sponsor:


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