Martin Ploschner

Dr Martin Ploschner

Martin Ploschner received his PhD from the University of St Andrews, Scotland in 2012 for his studies exploring novel optical manipulation techniques utilising plasmon resonances. From 2012 to 2015, Martin has worked as a Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews/University of Dundee (UK) under the supervision of Dr Tomas Cizmar. Here, he developed ultrafast beam-shaping holographic techniques for microendoscopy utilising multimode fibre. This technology enabled on-the-fly beam-shaping in multimode fibres for both imaging and manipulation purposes. He is now based at Macquarie University, Sydney, where he works as a research fellow at the local node of the ARC Centre for Nanoscale Biophotonics.  His current research activities range from ultrafast beam-shaping in complex media, non-invasive light-sheet microscopy, to compressive sensing imaging and to novel structured illumination imaging modalities.