James Anstie

Dr James Anstie
Research Associate, the University of Adelaide

A Flexible Platform for Quantitative Frequency-Comb Spectroscopy 

We are developing a flexible platform for high-performance frequency-comb spectroscopy. We outline its current capabilitiesand discuss progress towards realising a practical device forindustrial monitoring, trace gas detection and medical breathanalysis

James Anstie was awarded his PhD at the University of Western Australia for work on ultra-stable cryogenic oscillators.  He has worked with Rio Tinto to develop ultrasensitive airborne gravity sensors and now works within IPAS exploring new techniques for precision optical spectroscopy as part of Andre Luiten's Precision Measurement Group at the University of Adelaide.  He is the recipient of a South Australian government Catalyst Research Grant, as well as several Australian Research Council grants aimed at investigating new spectroscopic techniques.