Daniel Shaddock

Prof Daniel Shaddock

Australian National University
CEO of Liquid Instruments 

LISA Pathfinder and beyond: laser interferometry in space

LISA PathFinder is a European Space Agency mission to demonstrate key technologies for space-based gravitational wave detectors such as eLISA. After more than a decade of development, LISA Pathfinder will be launched in December 2015 from Europe’s spaceport in French Guiana. This talk will give an overview of the eLISA concept, a walkthrough of LISA Pathfinder technology and future plans for testing space-based interferometry on the GRACE Follow-on mission.

Daniel Shaddock obtained his PhD from the ANU for research into interferometry for gravitational wave detection. 

He joined the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 2002 to work on the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna, a space based gravitational wave detector. On returning to Australia 10 years later he led Australia’s involvement in the GRACE Follow-on project, an upcoming satellite mission to map the Earth’s water using sensitive measurements of gravity and is now a Professor at the ANU and the CEO of Liquid Instruments, a start-up company spun out of the ANU’s Research School of Physics and Engineering.