Chunle Xiong

Dr Chunle Xiong

Multiplexing of Heralded Single Photons

We present our recent progress on increasing the probability of heralded single photon generation in spontaneous four-wave mixing processes through spatial, temporal and wavelength multiplexing. The multiplexed photons are highly indistinguishable, useful for quantum applications.

Dr Chunle Xiong received his PhD in Physics from University of Bath, UK in 2008, for his work on optical nonlinearities in photonic crystal fibres. After his PhD, he joined the Centre for Ultrahigh bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS) at the University of Sydney as a postdoctoral fellow and started working on nonlinear photonics based on photonic chip platforms, in particular on-chip single-photon sources for integrated quantum technologies. In 2011, Chunle was promoted to a research fellow and appointed as the project leader of a CUDOS flagship project - quantum integrated photonics. In late 2011, Chunle was funded a fellowship by the Australian Research Council under the Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) scheme. The fellowship allowed him to work on a three-year project, “quantum entanglement using slow-light-enhanced nonlinearity” from 2012 to 2015. Chunle’s current research interest is the generation of on-demand single photons and entangled photons, as well as the processing of these photons on photonic chip platforms for secure communication.