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Public Lecture

Public Lecture
Unlocking the Mysteries of Radar

Tuesday 10 September
Grand Chancellor on Hindley
65 Hindley St, Adelaide

A free presentation to students as part of the International Conference on Radar. This presentation is aimed at young adolescents, promoting Science / Technology / Engineering / Mathematics. 

Radar has been a part of our lives for over 50 years. The first Radar technologists were codenamed Ravens during World War 2. Later they were affectionately renamed Old Crows.
One such Old Crow is Squadron Leader Fernando Gonzalez, who will bring to life the principles and practices of Radar technologies in use today all over the world.

Joining him will be a team of young technology mentors from eLabtronics. Together they will deliver a fun, informative and fully interactive experience using highly visual and tactile exhibits.

Be amazed as you learn about:
• The Electromagnetic Spectrum
• Resonance and Radiation
• Antenna Design
• Propagation
• Doppler
• Reflection and Refraction
• Beam Shapes and Scan Patterns
• Scientific & Commercial Applications

E-mail with contact details and number of attendees.