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Bang-yi - The price formation mechanisms and its stability in channel with differentiated product under different control pattern
Bano - Foreign Direct Investment from Developing Countries:  Evidence, Trends and Analysis  

Butenko - Experimentation in Democracy  

Chen - Towards Competitive Long-term Production Planning for a Semiconductor Manufacturing Factory  

Clift - Toward a Global Civilisation: An Evolutionary Perspective   
Javaid - What drives the quality of institutions in Asian economies? Directions for economic reforms
Kuntsel - Modeling of evolutionary processes in economics  

Lee - A Development Strategy for University Technology Licensing Offices in Korea  

Mendonca - The Path of Innovation of two national champions: Petrobras and Statoil.  

Min - An Analysis of the Influence Factors of the Profit in Cartoon's Merchandising Rights of Small-and-medium-sized Enterprises
Ming - Interpreting the Entity Capital and Virtual Capital Theories in the Light of Taoist 'Tao' Concept: An Investigation Based on Economic Philosophy  

Okamura - Assessing the impacts of R&D contests on research performance: An analysis of RoboCup  

Rio - Organizational innovation in agricultural research institutes of the State of São Paulo (Brazil)
Wadood - Management Innovation and Firm Performance: A Case Study of SMEs of Pakistan  
Wan Ming - Research on State-owned Knowledge-intensive Enterprise Innovation Incentives from Reputation Perspective  

Xie - Chinese Urban Housing Policy Development: A View of Political Participation                                                

Withdrawn Posters -

Bastos - Technological revolutions and financing innovations: Brazilian opportunities and challenges in green chemistry