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Student Travel Awards

ANS student travel awards are made to students attending the ANS meeting and are a partial contribution towards their airfare costs. Sponsorship and encouragement of student participation in the annual ANS meetings was made a priority of the society as early as the 1982 AGM. The travel awards have been sponsored by ANS, industry and supporting Universities.   

Awards do not provide full reimbursement but all eligible applicants will receive a travel award with the number of successful applicants therefore dictating the size of awards, which are scaled according to the distance to the Meeting location.

Application for a Travel Award is made as part of the Abstract Submission process. Please register before the conference and you will be sent a link to the submission portal.

Students will be informed of the outcome of travel awards at the conference registration desk, when they arrive at the Hobart meeting. 

Eligibility and Application Information

To be eligible to apply for a Student Travel Award, you must be an ANS Student Member. If you are not currently a Student Member and would like to become one, please click here to register for membership. 

Application for a travel award is made as part of the abstract submission process. Applicants must select either "Student - Oral Preferred" or "Student - Poster Preferred" when submitting an abstract. This prefernce indicates that you are wanting to be considered for the Student Travel Award. 

The applicant must pay a registration fee and submit an abstract to the ANS2016 Meeting on which they are listed as the first author if they are to be considered for a Student Travel Award. Full-time or part-time PhD or MSc students may apply. Honours students are not eligible to apply for travel awards. A maximum of 2 awards for attendance at ANS annual meetings may be received during a student's candidature. Award recipients must attend the conference and visit the Registration Desk upon arrival. You must provide your bank details and funds will be electronically transferred post-conference. 

Overseas students are also eligible to apply but their reimbursement will be no greater than that received by any Australian or New Zealand Student.   

For any questions regarding the Student Travel Awards, please contact the ANS Treasurer:

A/Prof Andrew Allan, Dept of Physiology, 
University of Melbourne, VIC 3010