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The 26th Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australian and New Zealand (AIRAANZ) Conference is to be held from 8-10 February 2012 in Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.


What do we mean when we say the theme is Re-Organising Work? Some aim to re-organise work by revising how they supervise work within the enterprise. Some even aim to individualise. Others see this as polarising and instead aim to collectivise, perhaps even to democratise. Some say work is being hybridised, even as the post-industrialised workforce is increasingly feminised it is marginalised, perhaps through being privatised, and so re-organised really means dis organised. For others the term means mobilised, sometimes as unions professionalise. They argue over whether to organise is to institutionalise or to humanise. Do our laws seek to compartmentalise, should they aim to harmonise? Our aim is not to agonise over the limits of the term re-organise, because we recognise that all around us work is being re-organised. And we realise that’s what you want to talk about.

Dr Janis Bailey (Griffith University)
Conference Convenor 

on behalf of the Conference Organising Committee
(Dr Kaye Broadbent and Professor David Peetz, Griffith University; Dr Robin Price, Queensland University of Technology; Professor Kerry Brown, Southern Cross University).

An extension has been granted for refereed papers. Instead of being due this Thursday, 15th Sept, they will now be due next Monday, 19th Sept, at 5 pm.