Plenary Speakers

ICONN 2014

Professor Masakazu Aono
International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA), National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan
Presentation Title: 
Nanoelectroionics to Open New Horizons of Materials Science and Technology 

Professor Jeremy J. Baumberg

University of Cambridge, UK
Presentation Title: Seeing Nano: Confining light in nano-gaps for plasmonics in the quantum regime

Professor Federico Capasso
Harvard University, USA
Presentation Title:
Flat Photonics with Metasurfaces

Professor Charles M. Lieber
Harvard University, USA
Presentation Title:
 Nanowires: Building Blocks for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

Professor Michael Strano
Presentation Title: 
New Concepts in Molecular and Energy Transport within Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene: optical sensors, resonant ion channels, and thermopower waves 


Professor Dr. Wolfgang Baumeister
Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry, Germany
Presentation Title: 
Electron Cryomicroscopy: From Molecules to Cells

Dr. Nigel Browning
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  
Presentation Title: 
Quantitative in-situ Imaging in the STEM/ETEM/DTEM

Dr. Rhonda Stroud
US Naval Research Laboratory 
Presentation Title: Nanoastronomy: a microscopist's view of the history of the solar system.

Featured Speaker

Elisa De Ranieri

Associate Editor at Nature Nanotechnology
Presentation Title:
 Publishing in Nature Journals