Conference Themes

ICONN 2014 Conference Symposia Themes

  • Nanomaterials
  • Nanobiotechnology
  • Nanoelectronics 
  • Nanophotonics 
  • Computational Nanotechnology 
  • Nanotechnology for Energy and the Environment 
  • Commercialisation of Nanotechnology (including health and safety)
  • Nanocharacterization

ACMM23 Conference Symposia Themes

Life Sciences 

  • Correlative light and electron microscopy  
  • Advances in In-vivo imaging  
  • Microscopy in cellular biology  
  • Developments in biological sample preparation techniques for the life sciences.  
  • Cryo Electron Microscopy  
Instrumentation & Developments 
  • New development in electron and ion microscopy (including high resolution, in-situ, FIB, and SIMS, Aberration Corrected TEM  
  • Advances in Analytical Spectroscopy; EELS ,CL , EDS.  
  • Advances in Dynamic TEM  
  • Specimen preparation technique development  
Physical/Materials Sciences 
  • Applications of microscopy in functional materials  
  • Applications of microscopy in engineering material  
  • Characterization of semiconductor materials  
Earth and Environmental Sciences 
  • 3D Microscopy of nano-pore materials  
  • Automated Mineral Electron Microscopy  
  • Quantitative EPMA  
  • Applications of Electron Microscopy in Earth Sciences  
  • Advances in Laser ICPMS